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          After downloading your file, a folder will be extracted with             "MathScreenPad" and two versions of RevPlayer. To run the program you must drag the   "MathScreenPad" program onto the 'Player' that has the "R" icon.


DA PISA CODE was initially started 5 years ago for New Hope/Solbury School District elementary student. His formation of letters and numbers were illegible. He was more than capable doing computations and performing on grade level. It is meant to help setting up and completing problems using Lattice Multiplication.

This program is still in early beta. Most of the bugs have been worked out but they are still cropping up. Please read the 'Help' file to review the program options. 

Basically the student has three options for input

1) Clicking on a cell increments the number.

2) Navigating to a cell with Tab/ArrowKey or Mouse and typing the number.

3) Double-clicking on a cell and selecting the number from a list.


Please send any comments or Bug reports to billZiegler@mac.com